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Among Tori‘s earliest memories from childhood are visions of adulthood and what it would look like. She envisioned the thrill of being on stage blinded by spotlights, with a sea of blurry heads reaching all the way to the horizon. Her formative years were spent in a dance studio becoming adept at classical ballet and contemporary dance. But she later found her calling in aerial arts. For a decade, she performed a straps duet with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, clocking an impressive 480 shows per year. One night, while performing, she looked out at the blurry sea of heads reaching as far as the eye could see, with two follow spots chasing her every move, and she realized she made it.

Her time in Las Vegas was spent in diverse ways. She choreographed several other shows on the Las Vegas Strip, including productions with Nevada Ballet Theater, Cirque du Soleil, and Spiegelworld; started a nonprofit to help expose and eradicate domestic violence; as well as wrote, produced, directed, and choreographed a circus theater production.

In an effort to maintain her equanimity during this dynamic and chaotic time, she turned to yoga. As a professional athlete, she came to yoga seeking relief from chronic pain as well as increased strength and mobility to prolong her career. However, she discovered along this segment of her journey, yoga is for the mind. The physical benefits of the practice are just a natural byproduct. Obsessed with the mind/body connection and her new desire for peace, she amassed over 700 hours of yoga teacher trainings, enabling her to share her practice all over the world. Her sangha is every yogi on earth.

After retiring from the circus, Tori’s love of food sent her on a new path – this one focused on culinary excellence. She graduated with honors from the College of Southern Nevada Culinary Program, as well as receiving a plant based education from Matthew Kenney’s Food Future Institute and Tony Rodriguez Pastry Academy.

Looking forward this yoga instructor, aerial coach, choreographer and model has plans to write books, host a plant based lifestyle show, and modify the common vegan narrative by exposing people to delicious plant based foods while encouraging plant based living free from the judgement and the all too common self-righteous indignation of vegans against those who consume animals.

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