Samatva Retreats समत्व

Our retreats aim to strike a balance between practice and play, effort and ease and bring you to a state of equanimity.
The Sanskrit word samatva ( समत्व) refers to the Hindu concept of equanimity. The term comes from the Sanskrit root word, sama, meaning equal or even.
A regular yoga practice can bring the body and mind into a state of samatva. Equanimity or evenness of mind can be our most valuable resource in challenging times.

The Art of Being

Big Island, Hawaii

May 2-10, 2024

  • 9 Days/8 Nights Accommodations
  • 3 Vegan and Gluten Free Meals per day
  • Complimentary organic fruit from the orchard on the property (when in season)
  • Shuttle from Hilo International Airport to Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center
  • Daily yoga in 1000 square foot Yoga Hale with ocean and lava view
  • Daily meditation in custom designed Balinese Meditation Pavilion
  • Excursions to experience the magic of Hawaii, including waterfalls, black sand beaches, hot springs, a private beach and even a local farmer’s market with live music, the freshest Hawaiian foods, yoga gear, crystals, clothing  and Hawaiian souvenirs.
  • Free time for journaling, naps, jungle walks, whatever you like to do to recharge.
  • Freedom from media. Free wireless internet service will be available for your use, but there are no televisions or excessive noises at KMEC. This is a perfect opportunity to detox from social media, work, current events and any other distractions that fill our daily life. Relax and recharge in the jungle enjoying Hawaii’s perfect climate and the sounds of the surf.
  • Ohana, or family. During this retreat, you will be connected with other like minded individuals who are likely to become lifelong friends. There is an undeniable magic that happens when people come together to deepen their practice and explore paradise together.
  • Healing for the mind and body. Each day’s practice is designed to heal our many different layers, until we have revealed and discarded everything we are not. What remains is our true self that we take back to our lives with a renewed sense of vitality.
  • Flights: participants will be coming from all over the world, so you will need to get yourself to Hilo, and we will take it from there. Note: if you fly into Kona, on the opposite side of the island, you will need to arrange transportation to Hilo. Prices for rental cars vary by provider. The beautiful scenic drive across Big Island can range from an hour and a half to three hours depending which road you travel.
  • Alcoholic Beverages. KMEC is a retreat center for health and wellness. No alcoholic beverages, drugs or smoking of any kind are permitted on property. When we are off property each day,  you are free to imbibe in any way you like. If you are a smoker, you can take a walk through the jungle on mango road and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while you smoke. However, we do encourage you to use this week as a health reset by setting aside your usual vices and allowing your body to heal itself. This could be a perfect opportunity to quit smoking for good!
  • Your sacred yoga tools. Yoga mats and props will be provided but you are free to bring your own if you are accustomed to a premium nonslip mat that makes your practice feel like coming home. Mala beads are encouraged as they will be used in some of the meditation practices but they are not absolutely required. Journals, writing utensils, and any sacred objects you feel will help you to remember who you are. There is no need to bring anything valuable or irreplaceable. We are, after all, going into the jungle and beaches to enjoy nature.

KMEC offers a variety of accommodations suitable for all types of travelers. There are 3 premium houses available which have private bathrooms. For the budget conscious traveler, the cabins can host one to three people and all share communal bathrooms. The showers are all open air and facing the jungle, offering privacy with an unparalleled view of nature. All houses and cabins have screen windows allowing the fresh air and sounds of nature to fill your room.

Houses and Cabins

Butterfly and Dragonfly

2 Separate Private Cabins Sleep 4 each, with Ocean and Lava Field Views - Each Includes Private Bath

Both Lava Field Vista 1 and 2 are brand new construction. These 20’ x 24’ spacious cabins boast a beautiful screened-in porch offering spectacular views of the new lava fields with an ocean backdrop. Each 14’ x 14’ bedroom offers a comfortable queen bed, 2 bunk beds, closet, desk and private bathroom.

Additional details about these cabins: 2 minute walk to the kitchen/dining area and meditation pavilion. 3 minute walk to yoga hale. Each cabin has curtains for privacy and the windows are all screens, no glass. Cabins are on a raised platform for better viewing. There is a double door entry for extra security and privacy, with a door into the cabin and another door into the room.


$4000 for one traveler
$1500 for each additional person in the house *must book together


exterior retreat cabin image
bedroom in retreat cabin photo


Private Cabins Sleep 2 with Wrap-Around Porch - Includes Private Bath

Noni is a large luxurious cabin in the back of the property surrounded by noni and avocado trees. The only cabin with its own bathroom, perfect for one or two people. Noni has an expansive wrapping porch that leads to the private restroom and shower behind the cabin. The interior has plenty of storage.

Additional details about this cabin: 2 minute walk to the community kitchen/dining area. 5 minute to meditation pavilion. 1 minute walk to yoga hale. Cabin has curtains for privacy and the windows are screened. Cabin is on a raised platform for better viewing.


$2980 for one traveler
$2140 each for two travelers ($4280 total) *must book together


noni exterior photo
noni interior bedroom image

Additional Accommodations


Queen bed in private cabin $2380 (+$1500 for additional traveler)
Twin bed in private cabin $2140

We can pair you up with another traveler or two if you are traveling alone on a budget. These rooms all share several communal outdoor bathrooms.


Queen bed in shared cabin $2100
Twin bed in shared cabin $1900

Camping Option: Bring your own camping gear and only pay for food and excursions. There are 4 communal bathrooms with outdoor showers for your usage. $1500 per camper

Additional Highlights

  • Friendly and loving staff
  • A multi-purpose pavilion for groups or individual activities
  • Safe and purified state-of-the-art rainwater catchment system for drinking
  • Nearly 100% solar powered (generator assistance when needed)
  • Lovely 10 acres of fruit trees and forest
  • Fresh linens, blankets and towels
  • Comfortable beds
  • Ocean views over the orchard
  • Sound of the surf in the distance
  • Salt water swimming in thermal warm ponds just a half mile away at Isaac Hale Park
  • Safe, peaceful, healing ambiance; with many flowering plants
  • Freshest air on the planet from the fragrant Trade Winds
  • Clear and beautiful star gazing
  • A dedicated area for campfires to enjoy the company of your new ohana